Healthy habits while Working From Home.

Post on 13/05/2021

Working from home became the norm for a lot of us almost over night, so over the past year we’ve all learnt a thing or two about how to make home a productive place to work. Here’s just a few tips that we’ve found that worked for us if you’re just starting out in the WFH world –

Take Regular Breaks 

When you’re sat at your computer all day, your brain power will eventually run out and it will take three time longer to do tasks. It’s important to recharge your focus and take regular breaks in between work. It seems counterintuitive, but when you take a short break from working, research shows you’ll be more productive when you’re back on the clock. Leaving your work space and going for a walk can clear your mind of immediate stress and help to refocus. 

Create a flexible schedule 

Begin and end the day with a routine that signals the start and end of your working day. Maybe the start begins with a cup of coffee or tea and the end begins with walking the dog. Having structure that doesn’t change during the working week can help it go faster, especially through the pandemic where our schedules have been thrown upside down.

Set up a dedicated workspace

This is the area you’re going to be spending 8 hours a day at, so making it as comfortable as possible is only beneficial to you. If you’re able to, investing in a comfy chair, desk and monitor could make all the difference. Your workplace may even let you take the furniture from your office building, it’s worth asking about because you want a suitable place to work. 

Communicate with colleagues frequently

The internet is a wonderful thing sometimes, the ability to talk to any number of people you need to (who has an internet connection of course) at any time means we can continue to part take in important business meetings, all while chilling at home. Sadly, there is no online kitchen area, so chatting with your coworkers while making a brew is a lot harder than pre-pandemic. Talking to coworkers about non work related topics can help break up busy days, and it’s easy to just drop them a message. 

Get up and move around

Feel free to take a walk or do some floor exercises during your breaks, or even while working, find a way to move! Being sat for 8 hours can strain your back and your neck, as well as straining your eyes. Stand up every couple of hours, and going for a walk around the block (or further) can do you a world of good. 

Get dressed and changed  

It can be really easy to roll up to your 9am meeting in pyjamas, especially if you don’t have to turn your camera on! However, getting ready for the day – even if its into fresh pyjamas – can make you feel more productive and fresh for the day. Time we used to take for commuting has turned into nice breakfasts and longer showers, so enjoy the reclaimed time!